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Window Backwrapping Specs

Building paper is attached to the sheathing below the window sill extending out past each side of the window jambs. A self sticking membrane or flexiwrap is use to seal the rough opening corners. A window sill flashing is applied flowing down the slope of the sill draining to the exterior side of the wall. Option: Galvanized metal sill pan with vertical sides.
A jamb flashing is applied to both sides of the window jamb. The flashing wraps from the inside of each window jamb out and around to the exterior wall covering both ends of the window sill flashing. The window is placed in the opening and is adjusted with shims to assure a plumb, square and level fit. Sealant is then applied to the head and jambs. The window is secured to the opening with corrosion resistant fasteners.

Building paper is applied over the nailing flange exting out past the window jambs.

Coated building paper is applyed in shingle style above, around and below the window sill rough opening.