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Interior Plaster

Berg Exteriors works with homeowners, designers, and builders to produce unique and custom wall finishes for both residential and commercial clients. The key to Berg Exteriors' success is our versatility in style, customized service and many years of experience!

The interior plastering division is capable of a variety of wall finish systems; from elegant to rustic, we can add a touch of the old world, traditional beauty or contemporary flair to any space. Today's trend in home design is all about color, depth, and texture. Berg Exteriors is always expanding product knowledge and application in fine wall finishes to meet client's expectations and beyond!

Colored Plaster

• Economical wall and ceiling finish
• Add color without painting
• UV and abrasion resistant
• Easy to maintain, washable surface
• Semi-smooth or variety of textured finishes
• Numerous color choices
• Non-shrinking finish material