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The stucco division works with an exterior 3-coat stucco system using a traditional cement finish or an acrylic finish, residential or commercial EIFS (exterior insulation finish system) applications. We focus on custom details, shapes, trim/banding, crisp outside corners, patching, and color matching with cement or acrylic stucco. Restoration work is a major focus within our carpentry and stucco sectors.   We concentrate in preventing moisture intrusion with the use of custom flashings, drainage mats in combination with our extensive knowledge and preventative measures.  Please contact us for an estimate or an educated view on installation or specifications about window/doors, flashings, drainage mats, drainage systems, and etc.The interior plastering division is capable of a variety of wall finish systems; old fashioned lath and plaster, veneer plaster systems, colored plaster, and Venetian wall finishes.

We work closely with Certified Moisture Testing to evaluate and repair stucco moisture intrusion issues.  Below is a link to their website for more information.